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What are Torrents?

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uTorrent window
Torrents are a way of sharing files via the internet in such a way that many people who have different parts of a file share them with those who don't. Many people have found this idea of torrents confusing and difficult. Let me simplify it and give you a few good tips to getting stuff via torrents.

As I mentioned earlier, torrents are downloaded by the sharing of the parts of a file between all the people who are connected to the network of users downloading a particular file. Yes, I know that sounds worse than greek to many, if not most, but do continue reading this detailed guide. So, consider this scenario:

You want to download a file via a torrent network. You and say, 20 others from different parts of the world get the same idea and start downloading that file. Let's assume that the file is made up of 80 pieces. The person who put it on the internet has all 80 of these pieces, and he will share different pieces of that file with you and the 20 others. Gradually, you might find yourself with only the first 15 pieces, and someone else in the mix has only the last 15. In this situation, you share your copy of the first 15 pieces with him, and he shares his pieces of the file with you. Now both of you have around 30 pieces each. The remaining 50 are scattered among the other downloaders. You will continue to share what you have with these people, until you have all the 80 pieces, thus completing your download. This is how a torrent network basically works. Now let's use this example to understand a few technical terms about torrents.

1. Seeds, Peers and Leeches: Once you obtain all 80 pieces of the aforementioned file, you become what is called a 'seed'. Your sole purpose in the network after you have completed the download, is to upload what you have to new downloaders. Seeds are crucial to the speed at which a torrent file is downloaded, because a seeder uploads the file without restriction and makes way for faster downloads for new downloaders. A peer (word meaning: equal) is anybody who is downloading a file via torrents. In the example above, you were a peer from the time you started the download upto the point you completed it, at which time you became a seed. A leech is a term used to describe a peer who limits his upload rate, and feeds off seeders in the network to complete his download without sharing much of what he has with other peers. Leeches in a torrent network drastically reduce download speed since they hog much of what the seeders have to offer.

2. Torrent Client: A torrent client is the name given to the software which manages all this tedious sharing of files. It is a crucial link which allows you to download torrents as if they were simple, everyday downloads. Modern torrent clients come with the ability to allow you to search for whatever you may want to download. Additionally, it has ways to detect leeches in the network and steers you clear of them. It manages your torrent download every step of the way, from the beginning of the download to the point where you want to stop being a seed and exit the network. It regulates your speed, allowing you to surf the internet while the torrents are being downloaded, and also allows you to download multiple torrent files at once. Some examples for such software are uTorrent, Vuze and BitTorrent.

Download uTorrent here:

3. Torrent Sites: A torrent site is like a huge library with different torrents for you to download. It is the source from which you get torrent files which are then interpreted and downloaded by the torrent clients. They are the most important part of the entire enterprise, as it is these sites which provide the files to you and me in the first place.

How to Download Torrent Files

Here I'll Show You how to download .torrent files which are gaining massive popularity.
First, Download uTorrent

This software manages all your torrent downloads, and is really very useful.

Second, You need to find torrents. Search for whatever you need here.

Now, from the list of torrent sites that appears on the search results page on, select one. On that page, click 'download torrent'. The file you then download can be opened in uTorrent and downloaded. That's it!


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