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Videocon D2H 3D: 5 months post launch

It's been nearly five months since the much hyped "future of television" was pushed into the market, and the initial response has not been overwhelming to say the least.

About five months ago, Videocon  launched its advanced 3D d2h service, which is called ... well, Videocon 3D d2h (duh). It managed to create a lot of hype when it released and sold well, because of the number of people who wanted to be future ready.
But after 3 months, I would'nt want to buy a V3D d2h, even with it's attractive pricing (non-DVR- Rs. 2500 and DVR - Rs. 3600) because I would need a Plasma HD 3D ready TV for it to work. And since there are nearly zero 3D channels, it just is'nt worth the investment. Samsung's Smart TVs sound much better. Videocon says that a small band of HD channels are currently available, and by January 2012, some 3D channels will be made available as well. Well, that obviously means that when other companies explore the world of 3D, prices of both TVs and connections are bound to go down. That's when I would want to buy a 3D TV.


It seems that 3D Televisions are really making an impact on the way we enjoy TV, Movies or Video Games anymore.

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