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iPhone 6 Hologram Device and iPhone 5 Concept, Both With 3D Screens

Chris Youn visualised 2 new iPhone concepts both with 3D displays. For me which looked more satisfying is the iPhone 6 with a 3D Curved Super AMOLED screen and a hologram UI. This picture of this amazing and extra-ordinary concept is what u see below:

The iPhone 6 uses a 3D Surround Sound and 3D hologram technology,on top of a 4.3inch Super AMOLED display. This iPhone 6 is just roughly 8.5mm thick. This uses a 3D TouchWiz UX. This is something which Samsung wont surely agree to. Other specs are, a dual-core processor and a very good camera, perhaps a 3D one.

Next up, is the iPhone 5 this concept is also created by the same guy Chris young while looking at the pic here I'm more than sure that you wont get impressed but still, it makes us think, get it? This iPhone 5 involves a 3D Crystal touchscreen, a 16MP camera and 2.5Ghz processor. This iPhone 5 provides an incredible 52 hours and 24 hours of audio and video playback respectively. Even before noticing the iPhone you would have looked at the bunch of speakers near to it. Well me too. That's what i liked more than the iPhone.

Well apple u gotta think hard to get the sleek and stylish design of the new Apple iPhone. We can only give you ideas. Its you who should make it into a reality.


I am eagerly waiting for iPhone 5. As the post shows massive features of this upcoming concept in this source. I am really surprised to know that iPhone 5 involves a 3D Crystal touchscreen. It's really one of exotic contented source to know about the exceptionalness of this phone. Thanks for sharing.

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Yea k sure!.. Bt the iphone5 shapes and all is not upto the mark!.. Hm.. But the display vl b superb! But whatever we say its just a concept

Thanks for sharing useful information.

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