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HTC One S Hits Stores, The Thinnest HTC Phone Yet

The thinnest HTC phone yet, the HTC One S might hit the stores on April 22nd, that surely means the Sunday after Easter. You can own your HTC One S on T-Mobile

But just don't take this info seriously ok? Information can vary at times.

Now lets get over to the features of HTC One S, This is the slimmest ever smart phone from HTC, this HTC smart phone is just 7.8mm thick. Its thinner than Galaxy S II. Ii has a QHD resolution display, 4.3" screen, Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0, runs in a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor. This phone doesn't have a removable battery, now i know your next question will surely be "then how do i insert my Sim card?" here is the answer the phone uses a MicroSIM tray.

This HTC smart phone comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash and it also enables us to take pictures while taking videos. For full camera experience the phone comes with video stabilisation. The phone has a 16GB internal storage, Wi-Fi support, micro USB 2.0, Beats audio, gyroscope and many more interesting specs.

So go grab this HTC smart phone now. Its a wonderful tech gadget to have!!


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