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Nokia New Smatphone Design Patent Leaks !!

If you are a Nokia freak then you must have heard of NokiaPort. If not well that's no big deal. The guys at the Nokia port found a fresh new Nokia smart phone design. This design patent may take you back to the design of Nokia C5-03 because of its strip design and buttons under the display.

Design Patent From NokiaPort

The shape also resembles to the Nokia Lumia 610, just a small resemblance. This design of the smart phone wont give you a best impression at the first sight. But i gotta tell you folks this design isn't something to be considered as something low. Chances are may this can be a perfect Lumia smart phone or can end up being s Symbian smart phone.

Did you notice the thickness? That means there is also a possibility for a Purview camera too, or may be even more. So we can also dream that this Nokia smart phone can be the first Pureview Windows phone from Nokia.
If the phone design and specs are like what we discussed here then there will be no doubt that this Nokia smart phone will be pure gold!.

I hope that can give a break to Nokia's repetitive design we've seen so fare, for example: Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 borrowed the entire format of Nokia N9. The Nokia Lumia 710 also borrowed some formats from its older Symbian Smartphones.

So if the new Nokia Smart phone comes out as we have expected then there is no doubt that this phone will take over the market.


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