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HTC One X, S and V Launch Date Officially Confirmed

HTC warmed the hearts of its fans by confirming the launch date of HTC One Series smart phones, namely the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V.  These HTC phones will hit the markets on this Monday, April 2nd.  Sources say that the phone may only hit the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Retailers and carries of UK in the meantime confirmed the handsets will be available on April 5th

HTC also revealed some news about the preorders this week. They say that the HTC One X had strong perorders this week. Now everyone considers HTC One X as the Android device of the moment.  But will that consideration change after the entry of Samsung Galaxy III ? Only one way to find out, lets wait. 


All three devices are rich-featured and handy. if you have any idea about its price.

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All HTC phones are great but go for HTC One X..


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