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The New Nokia 808 PureView

        Nokia recently announced it's newest offering to the public in the form of the 808 PureView. Well, a quick recap of the highlights will have words like "41 MegaPixels" (yes, 41!!), a whopping 1.3 GHz ARM CPU, the Nokia Belle OS... This baby is what we get when Nokia decides to flex their fantasy muscles!!

             While the 512 MB of RAM might sound annoying at first, especially with the 41 MP Carl Zeiss camera, the Symbian Belle OS is expected to be fine tuned and tailor made for the device, thus eliminating any need for more RAM. (This is one huge advantage it enjoys over the Android OSes.) Another thing about high end phones like this one is the question of battery life. For the Nokia 808, it falls below par, as Nokia can only promise 11hrs of 2G talktime, and 6.5 hrs of 3G talktime. Comparing this to almost 20 hrs and 10 hrs respectively on the Samsung Galaxy S II, this could be a huge disappointment. Word is that the phone supports HTML5 and Adobe Flash Lite, which could open it up to small scale online gaming. Which would be cool as ice!
         So what kind of a hole will this baby burn in your pocket? Apparently, rumour has it that the Nokia Lumia will be priced around the 600$ range. (Which is around 30,000 indian rupees.) Do the features of this phone justify the hefty tag? You Decide!  


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