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Angry Birds Space

 Angry Birds is now officialy outta this world!! Yeah, baby, the addictive game by Rovio Mobile reached a new milestone with the release of Angry Birds Space. Read all about it here.

The Trailer

 As is the custom, Angry Birds Space is free and ridiculously fun to play. The trailer posted above shows the "backstory" about how the birds got into space. All the birds have new abilities, and gravity is a relative term now. This leads to completely different gameplay mechanics, with the birds being able to float around as they would in real space. Rovio has left nothing to chance with this game: they have called in the big guns, and requested help from NASA during the development phase. Playing through the game will make you feel that was a good move!

Gameplay Video

As you can see, gameplay has been revamped in this version of the game. New abilities for the birds mix well with the new environment. I have never seen imagination used this well to make a fun game! I mean, birds that can convert the world to ice!? Hell yeah!! The levels themselves are just perfect: not too hard, but not to be underestimated. This quality in level design is well maintained, and there are almost a billion ways to beat each level.

The game is available for the iOS, and Android platforms, and a paid HD version has been released. It should work on almost all phones, including low end budget androids.You can download the game for the Android platform here: Angry Birds Space! 


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