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 Sharing pictures with your family, friends and even total strangers has been made easier than ever by various websites all around the internet. Through this post, I will be highlighting a few of these websites.

flickr homepage
Flickr homepage

The first website that I will be introducing to you today is Flickr. Flickr is an online photo storage and sharing solution, from Yahoo!. On visiting the site, you will be greeted by the shown homepage. Here, you have to sign up for a free Flickr account. Alternatively, you can also log in through your Yahoo ID, your Google ID and your Facebook ID. Once logged in, it is easy to follow the in-site steps and share your pictures with those near and dear!

Alternatively, you can always just upload your pictures on Facebook for others to see. Facebook has enough privacy options to regulate who can and who cannot see or download your pictures, thus ensuring safe and reasonable photo sharing.

deviantART homepage
A good option for serious photographers to reach out to a wider audience, and yes,  make a few bucks in the process, is a site called deviantART. While you need a dedicated deviantART account, there are many things which make it worth your while: the ability to monetize your pictures is the main advantage. You can also share your pictures through deviantART. This website is built for those who take up photography as a hobby, and/or as a profession, and give them a great platform to exhibit and receive criticism for their work.
Picasaweb homepage
Google's picture sharing options are twofold: via email (gmail, to be precise) and through a software requiring platform called Picasa. Picasa has to be installed in your computer, but is well worth the trouble; in addition to being a great way to share photos, Picasa even allows some small scale editing, to just whiten up those teeth, for example. Out of the options mentioned here, I would definitely pick Picasa, for all it's features, and also because it is more practical for everyday sharing. Picasa, or Facebook, that is.


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