Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

The new Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti does’nt stay far from its older brothers, GTX 580 and 570. The GF114 core is a reworking of the GF110 and its changes echo those made to last year’s GTX 460...

The Samsung Galaxy Y

The Samsung Galaxy Y is can safely be described as the poor man's android handset...


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assassins creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3

A lot of hype now revolves around Assassin's Creed III. This is a short summary of what there is to know, and what we can infer from i...

LG Optimus LTE P936 previewed before announcement

What we have here is yet another member of LG's ever-expanding Optimus LTE family’it has some rather smoking hot features like the 720p AH-IPS LCD display. A snapdragon chipset featuring 1.5Ghz dual-core CPU inside and a 1080p video-capable camera at the back.

Ways To Know Popular Keywords

the major search engines have provided’ a glimpse into the web query stream to discover the most popular keywords searched in that search engine


Angry Birds is now officialy outta this world!! Yeah, baby’the addictive game by Rovio Mobile reached a new milestone with the release of Angry Birds Space. Read all about it here.

What Are Torrentz?

Torrents are a way of sharing files via the internet in such a way that many people who have different parts of a file.... ’


I just witnesses a leaked picture of the Nokia Lumia 719c, another windows os device from Nokia. Saw this pic on a Chinese micro blogging platform. If my calculations are correct then this device is a CDMA version of the Nokia Lumia 710, ’


Some days back Samsung announced on its Twitter and Facebook pages the arrival of Android 4.0 aka icecream sandwich as an update for Samsung Galaxy S II.’


Now iPad and iPad 2 is just a second choice for everyone. There is no doubt that the new Apple iPad will take control of the market.’


LG Lucid 4G a brand new handset just had its specs leaked. This phone is also called Cayman and it comes with Gingerbread with a 4" NOVA IPS LCD screen with Gorilla Glass protection. It has 480x800 pixel resolution.’


Have you ever wondered how to measure the speed of your internet broadband? If yes then Im here with an answer to that question of yours. Well everone likes to know how much their Internet Speed is, some people look at it just for while others measure their speed for some other purposes. Whatever your purpose is you can measure your Internet Broadband Speed via this website :’


Well every single human beings are curious people. When u see a missed call on your phone from an unknown number. all of us people will have an urge to find who it is right?. Well Reverse Phone Number Look up is just for those people.’


Don't just underestimate these cases they can do a lot more than providing protection to your Apple iPad. When it is folded in a specific way this case can act as a stand which can help supporting your iPad to stand at various angles for typing, gaming, watching videos and for reading E-books. ’


The update offers the user fast and improved camera behaviour. Smoother rotation of the screen and improved stability. ’The people using it says that this is a marvellous and must have Android update.


If you are a Nokia freak then you must have heard of NokiaPort. If not well thats no big deal. The guys at the Nokia port found a fresh new Nokia smartphone design. This design patent may take you back to the desing og Nokia C5-03 because of its strip design and buttons under the display.’


Samsung has trademarked 3 new series of Galaxy smart phones, Samsung had also trademarked some new other phones earlier this month. The new Galaxy series phones would be namely Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Next’


The thinnest HTC phone yet, the HTC One S might hit the stores on April 22nd, that surely means the Sunday after Easter. You can own your HTC One S on T-Mobile’


This HTC smart phone comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash and it also enables us to take pictures while taking videos. For full camera experience the phone comes with video stabilisation. The phone has a 16GB internal storage, Wi-Fi support, micro USB 2.0, Beats audio, gyroscope and many more interesting specs’

LG Optimus LTE P936 previewed before announcement

Nokia has updated its Map app. Now this shows real-time traffic update. But unfortunately now this app is only enjoyed by the Nokia Smartphone users in Mumbai and Delhi. But Nokia has promised that they will extend this service to other cities. So not to worry Nokia freaks u will get it sooner or later’


Nokia really released some good and useful apps such as Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport , Nokia Maps, Nokia Music etc. Now Nokia is having another super cool idea. Nokia is planning to release a TV app, obviously names Nokia Tv app for Lumia Windows phone devices’


Sony relieved its fans by announcing about the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update on December last year. But unfortunately Sony smart phone owners would have to late a bit more to get the update as the company announced that the Xperia Arc S, Nevo V and Ray updates are pushed back to mid-April’


The iPhone 6 uses a 3D Surround Sound and 3D hologram technology,on top of a 4.3inch Super AMOLED display. This iPhone 6 is just roughly 8.5mm thick. This uses a 3D TouchWiz UX. This is something which Samsung wont surely agree to. Other specs are, a dual-core processor and a very good camera, perhaps a 3D one.’


Prepare to get surprised. Well at least act that you are surprised. The Nokia's design chief Marko Ahtisaari confirmed that Nokia is currently working on developing a tablet . The chief designer also told that he has dedicated most of his working time in this project in order to make the device stand out in the crowd.’


HTC warmed the hearts of its fans by confirming the launch date of HTC One Series smart phones, namely the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. These HTC phones will hit the markets on this Monday, April 2nd. Sources say that the phone may only hit the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.’

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AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB

The Cayman XT GPU of the AMD Radeon HD 6900-series is a different design to that of the end units, which allow for twice as much work per clock to be sent to the stream processors than before. Although there are 64 fewer stream processors in the GPU than in the AMD’s previous –generation top-end card , the Radeon HD 5870 1HB each processor is capable of the high-precision maths that only a fifth of the HJD 5870 1GBs units could manage.
  AMD claims that the new lay out is 10 percent faster per square millimeter of GPU die than that of the HD 5870 1GB. Despite the naming of AMD’s HD 6900 series this GPU is successor to the HD 5870 1GB. The GPU has a frequency of 880MHz and 2GB of GDDR5 RAM operating at 1.375GHz (5.5GHz effective) over a 265-bi memory interface. This may sound paltry compared with the 384-bit interfaces of the GTX 570 1.3GB, and the GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB but the high memory frequency gives the HD 6970 2GB a respectable 176GB/sec of memory bandwidth.
  At 1920x1080 the HD 6970 2GB traded blows with the GTX 570 1.3GB which currently costs less. In Armall, we saw identical minimum frame rates from both cards, while Black Ops ran similarly fast on both cards, with minimum of 95fps from the Radeon and of 94 fps from the GeForce. The GTX 570 1.3GB raced

Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition

 The has been so much fuss about Intel’s new LGA 1155 processors recently that its easy to forget about Intel’s other range of LGA 1366 CPUs. Intel actually pitches its X58 chipset and corresponding CPUs as its high-end offerings; theoretically, this means they reside above Sandy Bridge-based processors in the performance tree.
As we’ve seen, though LGA 1155 CPUs and motherboards are incredibly quick and outrageously overclockable, and can put their LGA 1366 stablemates to shame.
Processors at the top of the range such as the Core i7-970 and Core i7-980xExtreme Edition sport sic Hyper-Threaded cores, allowing them to perform better than LGA 1155 CPUs in highly multi-threaded applications. It’s to this elite group of processors that Intel’s new release, the Core I7-990X Extreme edition belongs.
As the i7-990x

Teufel Concept D 500 THX

Most of PC speakers aim for maximum bang per buck: ear splitting top volume, booming bass a rock-bottom price seem to be the features that sell. Into the crowd of boy racers, Teufel’s latest 2.1 set glides into view like an Aston Martin, albeit with German plates.
  Teufel speakers are only available direct from Berlin, which helps to keep down costs. However at £449, this is the most expensive 2.1 PC speaker system we’ve seen to date
  It looks every bit as good as the price suggests elegant and understated, with a premium finish. There’s a solitary analogue stereo input and its deserves a signal from a high-fidelity sound card to do the speakers justice. And S/PDIF input would have offered a work around, but those who already own a decent sound card will be thankful not to have to shell out for another premium DAC chip. Unfortunately, there are no speakers cables include in the box.
  The wired remote has volume and sub woofer level controls, although the latter is calibrated too high by default. Useful settings were around 10per cent and the ratcheted design made fine adjustments imprecise. The remote also houses a headphone output and microphone input a socket on the subwoofer passes the microphone signal to the sound card. The integrates headphone amp sounded clear with plenty of headroom, but emitted a violent clunk while switching on and off.

Videocon D2H 3D: 5 months post launch

It's been nearly five months since the much hyped "future of television" was pushed into the market, and the initial response has not been overwhelming to say the least.

Tutorial: Super-Cool Your Graphics Card

Funny isn’t it, how CPUs get all the cooling attention? There they are, sitting in blissful tranquility beneath 8-inch heatsinks without a care in the world, while their GPU friends sat next to them sweat their bits off, desperately trying to keep up with metro 2033.
  What’s more, it’s much easier to overclock your graphics card than your CPU. No messing about with the BIOS, just load up MSI Afterburner or, whatever software bundled with your drivers, and you can muck about with the core and shader clocks, memory speeds and even those dreaded voltage settings. Indeed if you’re overclocking with a view to higher gaming frame rates, you may well find a more stable performance increase from tweaking your graphics card’s settings than either CPU or RAM.
  And yet for some reasons graphics cards rarely get any after market loving. A quick, cheap cooler upgrade can potentially halve idle and load.

Sapphire Edge HD Mini PC

Journey with me through the recesses of time, if you will, back to 2007. If u recall, the PC enthusiasts was being all enthusiastic about the Asus Eee PC, a cute little ‘netbook’ with solid state storage and an unprecedented price point under $500
  Since then manufacturers have been going crazy trying to redefine our relationship with portable and home computing, flogging US giant iPhone, consoles-like media centre beasts and notebooks small enough for a jockey’s bum bag.
 Is the Sapphire Edge HD a PC?  Without any optical drive, it certainly isn’t a thoroughbred media centre, but its netbook-like CPU and GPU capabilities mean it falls a little way short of what you’d normally deem ‘PC’ and as portable as the tiny little black box is at a diminutive 193x148x22m, the end user is going to be singing it beneath the warm glow of the telly or in the office, rather than carting a wheelbarrow full of peripherals down to Costa Coffee to get a few chapters done.
  It’s a versatile if not entirely mobile, creature then-as suited to being in the front room as part of your media centre as it is in the office, watching you add another row to the great, sprawling spreadsheet of your life.
  The Intel Atom D510 running at 1.66GHz with 2GB o

Intel Core i5 2500T, The Low-powered Gaming Console

We’ve already had a good look at the Intel Core i5 2500K processor; it’s getting a reputation as the go-to-guy if your budget won’t quite stretch to a 2600K but u still want a Sandy Bridge gamer’s chip.
  Although its getting all the attention as a flag ship chip in the second generation Core i5 line-up there are a couple of other interesting family members. Not because of their overclocking ability- they don’t really don’t have much without K moniker-no it’s because they’re low-power chips. The most interesting one of these low-powered chips is the Core i5 2500T
  It’s the ‘T’ part of the name that’s the important bit; it means that the chip has a TDP of just 45Watts. That may still sound like a fair old chunk of power with AMD’s  Fusion E-530 running at ust 18W but it’s a remarkable 50Watts lower than the 2500K . And with a hell of a lot of extra performances too.
  On the flip side, unlike the 2500K, the multipliers aren’t unlocked so there’s not a lot you can to improve on the default 2.3GHz clock speed. It’s not the only lower power member of the family there’s also the 2500S. The s series of chips have slightly higher TDP’s of 65Watts.
  Usually when you see the words low power next to a CPU it tends to bring up the thoughts of enfeebled performance.

BenQ XL2410T Zowie Special Edition, A Screen Made For Gamers…

The world of gaming peripherals is odd-everyone bemoans the gamer tax’, whereby manufacturers seem to charge an extra 20% for gaming gear, and yet they are increasingly turning to professional gamers to help design that hardware. We may be doing Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen (dubbed the best Counter-Strike player in the world) and Abdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohammed (12-times worldwide Counter-Strike champion) a disservice but we doubt if they have many qualifications in display device design. Yet these two CS players have been roped into help BenQ to design its first gaming- specific screen, the XL2410T
  The end result is a feature list that reads a little like the disastrous car that Homer designed for his brother Herb. For example, there’s a DisplayMode feature that replicates the screen size of smaller screen pixel for pixel-the screen can display anything from 71in, 5:4 upwards, complete with black borders. The reasoning behind this is that professional gaming tournament players use different screens and witching from a 24in 1920x1080 screen to a much smaller one could throw your game. SpawN and HeatoN wanted to practice at home on a screen that was the same size as that used in a forthcoming tournament to familiarize themselves with it, but this feature will be genuinely useful for few other people.
  The XL2410T is bundled with a Zowie EC1 mouse and a Zowie Swift plastic-topped mousepad. The mouse is reminiscent of a Razer DeatAdder crossed with Microsoft IntelliMouse and is designed by HeatoN. It works well with th

AMD RADEON HD 6990 4GB, The Dual GPU Graphics Card

AMD’s brand-new range-topping. Antilles-architecture Radeon HD 6990 4GB. It’s a goliath of graphics card that packs 2 GPUs and it’s capable of consuming unprecedented 450W of power.
    The card is measuring in at a case-busting 305mm long, features two, full-fat Caymen XT GPUs, the same as those found in AMD’s fastest single-GPU card. The Radeon HD 6970 2GB. This means that it boasts a whopping 3,072 stream processors and as each GPU is serviced by 2BG of GDDR5 memory, there’s 4GB of memory on the card. The card’s clock speeds are a little lower than those of the HD 6970 2GB by the memory at 1,25GHz. That’s a colossal amount of graphics horsepower for a single card to contain.
  However, by using such high-performance GPUs, AMD has presented itself with a challenge in powering and cooling this beast. The company had to break the rules of how to power a graphics card as well as investigate new technologies in order to make the HD 6990 4GB a safe and reliable card to use.
  For a star the HD 6990 4GB take the PCI Express 2.0 specifications which limits expansion cards to consuming 300W of power, and chucks in out the window. By default, the HD 6990 4GB draws up to 375W of power- up to 75W from the motherboard and 150W from each the two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors on the top of the card. While this means t

IDAPT i4 The Universal Charger

The IDAPT i4 is a universal charger that can accommodate up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously. This is useful if you own multiple gadgets and forever misplacing their chargers.
It’s said to be compatible with more than 4,000 devices, including iphone, ipad, blackberry handsets, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, satnavs, cameras and Bluetooth products.
It features three charging points that use a simple, customizable and interchangeable tip system. Its neater solutions than the usual tangled jumble of cables hanging out of your power sockets.
The IDAPT i4 looks good in its own right, smart and glossy like the gadget themselves. It’s available in 11 colors too,
The problem with such and inclusive product is that in hitting so many bases it specializes in none. It’s unlikely that you will own an iPhone as well as Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
My family owns two iPhones, two iPods and and iPad plus a couple of canon cameras that require proprietary charges. The IDAPT could charge just 2 of our devices at a time

HIS ATI Radeon HD 6950

ATI’s new 6950 design sees the implementation of narrower stram processor unit. This allows room for an increased number of SIMD engines – the 6950 has 22, while 6870 has just 14 and even 5870 had only 20. In other words, the card is more efficient and can quickly render graphics.
This architecture gives the 6950 and 6970 fewer stream processors. Whereas the Radeon 5870 boasted 1600, the 6970 offers 1536 and the 6950 has 1048.
But its worth remembering that the number of stream processors isn’t crucial- the high-calibre nVidia Geforce GTX 580 has just 512.Ample compensation comes with the significantly larger number of texture units. The 6950 has 88 of these- eight more than 5870 and 24 over the GTX 580.
The 6950 may be cheaper than its 6970 brother, but it include 2GB of GDDR5 RAM – nVidia’s 580 comes with a ‘mere’ 1536 MB-and an 800MHz core clock.
The memory clock is 1,250 MHz and the 160GBps memory bandwidth is superior to the GTX

ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional, A True Gamer

Ready for Sandy Bridge, ASRock has roped in gaming brand Fatal1ty for this high-end board. Its LGA 1155 socket will accept any of the new generation i3, i5, i7 CPUs.
Intel’s P67 chipset shouldn’t be glossed over, though. It sports a native SATA 6GB/s controller and DMI2, which doubles the bandwidth available for communication between the CPU and the rest of the system. It also lets manufacturers do away with ancient BIOS interface- More on that later.
The P67 Professional has four DIMM sockets supporting 32GB of DDR3, and six of its ten SATA sockets are of the 6Gb/s variety. There are three PCI express x16 slots; with 2 graphics cards both will run at x8 while the third slot runs at x4.
The bottom of the board offers a USB 3 header, four USB 2 connectors and a floppy disk header, plus power and audio plugs. Enthusiast will appreciate power and reset button and the two-character POST display. There are plenty of fan connectors, with sic in total and two with pulse-width modulation (PWM)
It’s cramped but ASRock has kept things usable: a clear CMOS button makes up for the fact that the CMOS battery is slotted between sockets, and ASRocks has include LGA 7

Tutorial:How To Overclock : Intel Core i7-980X

This is a tutorial which will show you how to overclock your Intel Core i7-920 processor. This will make your PC run up to 23% Faster In Games and 29% Faster In Apps

What is Overclocking?
Overcolcking is the practices which increase the frequency in which PC components operate which results in increasing their performance. A few years back the method of overclocking was kept as a sole preserve of those with highly specialised knowledge. But it’s actually very easy to do. This step by step guide will show you how to boost your PC capabilities to the maximum

 Materials Required (hardwares similar to these capabilities can also get the work done)

·         Triple-channel DDR3 RAM- To push the maximum out of your CPU, you need a high frequency memory. A1,600 MHz kit will be superior for overclocking
·         Asus P6TD Deluxe Motherboard
·         A good cooler- We ne

Tutorial: How To Overclock Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 1GB

Before We Start

Before we start the overclocking process, first we need to check whether the PC is running smoothly. Use GPU-Z to monitor the temperature and frequencies of your card. After that you can run a software called stress-test. If your graphics card’s frequencies go down or any temperature exceeds more than 70 degrees either the cooler isn’t attached properly or there may be more serious issues.
Next you should download the latest driver from NVIDIA’s website and install it. If u want u can back up your data before overclocking, but I recommend that u should back up the data.

Actually What Is Overclocking ?

GPUs are very complicated processors, and as such, AMD and NVIDIA have to set a conservative default frequency in order to produce sufficient quantities to meet the demand of hit price points. This means that there is a hidden strength which can be unlocked.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

The new Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti does’nt stay far from its older brothers, GTX 580 and 570. The GF114 core is a reworking of the GF110 and its changes echo those made to last year’s GTX 460. Instead of GTX 580’S four and the GTX 570’s three graphics processing cluster’s  otherwise known as GPC  with 32 stream processors each, the new GTX 560 Ti  uses 48 strong GPCs with a core clocked at 822MHz. The shader clock is a very high 1,640MHz and the 1GB of GDDR5 memory runs at a speed of 4,000MHz.

The fusion of higher clock speeds, reorganized stream processors and efficient transistors pushed the GTX 560 Ti to score high!. Its average is 40fps in our 1920x1080 Very High Quality Crysis test. That’s 8fps behind the GTX 570, and only 3fps behind the ATI Raedon HD 6950 £20 more. This Cool gadget also managed to score 32fps with 8x anti-aliasing, before storming through our just cause 2 test. An average of 65fps in the 1920x1080 Very High test with 8x anti-aliasing is 20fps faster than HD 6950.

The GTX 560 Ti stays cool and quiet with a decent idle temperature of 43°C that rose to 78ÂșC at peak.

The place where Nvidia scores higher than ever is in their pricing. They prices it at 203 pounds inc VAT, it’s cheaper than its rivals HD 6950 & HD6970 which costs around

The Best 10 Apps For Google Android 3.0 Aka Honeycomb

  1. Google Earth For Honeycomb

This is the best app for android 3.0. This amazing app lets you fly anywhere in the world, provides 3D views of major metropolitan buildings, and you will feeli like you are really swooping over 3d buldings and terrains

  1.  Fuze Meeting

This is an awesome software which offers multi-party video conferencing and collaborative meeting software on Honeycomb. This is a pretty smooth softw

A Fast Browser, Which Is Pretty Much Tough To Beat..Google Chrome 10.0

The latest release of chrome appears less than a month after the launch of its predecessor . and its JavaScript performances have once again leapfrogged ahead of the competition.
The setting interface has been once again modified, and the security has been enhanced by placing the include flash player in a secure “sandbox”. Chrome’s smashing minimalist application window continues to let the webpages shine unimpeede, which has influenced the design of all those competitors.

Chrome instant is one of the niftiest things to be added to Chrome in a while. Start typing a web address and before your finished a page from your history or from any search engine results is displayed below in the main browser window. If I type ‘goo’ for google then google is already loaded. This was first made for google search’s instant feature. But it is more useful in browsers than in search engines. Some websites which we have visted before-are ready to go before you even finish typing

How To Overclock : Intel Core i7-920

This is a tutorial which will show you how to overclock your Intel Core i7-920 processor. This will make your PC run up to 11% faster and makes your PC highly efficient

What is Overclocking?

Overcolcking is the practice which increase the frequency in which PC components operate which results in increasing their performance. A few years back the method of overclocking was kept as a sole preserve of those with highly specialised knowledge. But its actually very easy to do. This step by step guide will show you how to boost your PC capabilities to the maximum

 Materials Required(hardwares similar to these capabilities can also get the work done)

·         Triple-channel DDR3 RAM- To push the maximum out of your CPU, you need a high frequency memory. A1,600 MHz kit will be superior for overclocking
·         Asus P6TD Deluxe Motherboard
·         A good cooler- We need to keep our ov

The Death Of A Console?

 I'm sure many of you recognize the picture on the left. Yeah, it's the PS2 or the PlayStation 2. Well, if you do recognize it, how? My answer (and I'm sure a million others answer) is, I remember it as an ultracool gadget i used for gaming, watching movies, and generally showing off. But now?

Mass Effect 3


EA BioWare's Mass Effect 3 (ME3) seems to be in sight after the product was officially made available on Amazon the other day. EA had previously announced ME3 w
ould to released in the Q4 of 2011.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Released !!

Microsoft on March 15 released the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, containing updates for the past 10 months(approx). Those with genuine windows and having Windows Update one would already have known about it.

Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch

The latest Intel Core i7 with Sandy Bridge architecture combined with ATI Raedon HD 6750. This makes 17-inch MacBook Pro to truly work like a pro as the name suggests it. This laptop will work normally if u pile up tabs or videos, Because a quad-core processor along with  4GB of RAM and MacBook gives a lot of space for multitasking. This makes multitasking faster and simple. It also comes with a bright 17-inch wide screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution which is great

Angry Birds Rio Hits App Store

Heads up people. A new version of angry nirds is now available in Apple and Amazone app store. But the bad side is that its not free. It costs 99cents for Iphone  and $2.99 for Ipad. 

This new version of Angry Birds is a licensed game thats a tie-into the upcoming movies "RIO", which hits theaters on 15th of April

Google Skymap For Google Android

With Google Skymap on your phone you can discover and search the night sky only by just pointing your phone to space. By using your android phone's orientation sensors, Skymap can show you the starmap for your location. With this wonderful app you can explore planets, stars, constellation and many more. Skymap uses your Android phone's GPS,

Pandora App For Android

Pandora Radio is your FREE personalized radio. All you have to do is just type in the name of your favourite artist and then pandora will make a station which has only that artist's son

Winamp 1.0 for Android OS

The best music player of Android has now become the best music application. A new updated version of Winamp is out now for all those who use android. The new version comes with the music download facility. There is spinner intergration in this new version of Winamp to brow

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for PC

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is FINALLY Out for PC
Mar 17, 2011


After months and months of waiting followed by a crappy euro beta, Assassin's Creed 3 is officially at a go for the PC. While it hasn't created anything near the buzz managed by AC2, it's 
still worth a look at.   

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood sees

Tutorial: How To Put Facebook Badger

Hi! This is a tutorial which will help you learn how to put a facebook badger or a profile id for ur facebook profile. Most of your facebook profile url looks somewhat like this !

Step 1:But hey its time to change it. Just Click here

Step 2:This will direct you to another page and from there type in your desired username 

For example: the user name i typed is TECHNOJ

AMD Processor On Bulldozer Core To Be Released In June

The first AMD processor of the coming generations has emerged. They did a first attepmt to combine CPU and GPU, this came out to be quite a success, as told by the PC makers. In the second quarter of the year models with higher performances are expected to be launched based on Bulldozer core. The bulldozer core based AMD Processor will be available from june onwards.  Procesors with DDR3 controller, but without GPU will be released with 32-na

HTC Wildfire S

HTC Wildfire S is one of the cheapest phones in MWC 2011. But it replaces HTC Wildfire. HTC Wildfire S is more compact and powerful than HTC Wildfire. HTC Wildfire S provides easy social networking and latest Android OS. It also comes with a high resolution HVGA display which is an upgraded for of QVGA

The HTC Wildfire S has a capacitive 3.2-inch TFT touch screen. The device supports 2G & 3G networks. The phone is powered by 600MHz processor and runs on Android 2.1 OS with HTC Sense. Has a memory of 512MB RAM. Its me

Lenovo Classmate PC+,Netbook Specially designed For Students

Intel and Lenovo has jonitly announced the launch of the new Lenovo Classmate PC+. This netbook is specially desingned for students. The Lenovo Classmate comes with a bundle of educational kits and suites which makes this PC a bit more useful to students

Lenovo Classmate PC+ specs and features
  • 10.1-inch LED-backlit and anti-glare screen
  • Powered by Intel Atom n455 single core processor
  • 1GB OR 2GB RAM
  • 250GB Hard disk space

Tutorials: How To Istall Ubuntu in 5 Minutes Using WUBI (FOR WIN7 & VISTA)

Well first of all before starting this tutorial let me give u some information about ubuntu. There are many things to say about ubuntu . Ubuntu is a cool operating system of linux. The version in which we are going to install is Ubuntu 10.10 aka maverick meerkat. ubuntu is a wonderful OS. having 4 workspaces (dektops). And also a VIRUS in Ubuntu is nearly impossible. In other words Ubuntu is like Android with a whole lot of apps. But for me both Win7 and Ubuntu are useful in there own ways. So i've kept both. Ubuntu does'nt support .exe files, Which means you can say bubye to GAMES and other softwares which runs in windows. and another drawback of Ubuntu is that fr each and everything we have to download. So I do not reco

HTC Flyer :The New Generation Tablet PC

HTC has announced the launch of its first tablet, the HTC Flyer. The all new HTC Flyer gives a whole new experince to the users. Using an intuitive and innovative approach to the tablets , the HTC Flyer provides both the natural touch way and the pen interction way to operate it. HTC also announced the HTC Watch, a new connected video service which is launched on Flyer this will combine with onlive to launch the first cloud based mobile gaming in tablets. The HTC Flyer is ultra-light, it just has the weight of a small notebook. With a 7-inch display and an ultra fast 1.5GHz p

Facebook Phone From HTC

HTC announced their new HTC Salsa at the mobile world congress 2011. HTC Salsa is powered by android and it also comes with most popular social networking Facebook  button that lets you update your status. The button also enables you to share news , pictures , music and videos with your friends with just one touch.Salsa is powered with a 600mhz

Micro PC Toradex xiilun - Claim to Be the smallest PC in the world

Toradex company recently unveiled this design. This small PC is based on the platform Intel Oak Trail. It is a miniature single board computer,enclosed in an aluminum housing with dimensions  6 x 8.9 x 1,6 cm.The design has latest passive cooling system added to the 1.6GHz Atom processor . The system includes 1 or 2gb of DDR2 RAM.The system has graphics capabilities including the support for DirectX 9. The is also a slot for microSD memory cards,HDMI outputs and FOUR USB 2.0 ports.This enables the user to connect peripheral devices and network adapters.The Toradex Xiilum PC runs on Linux OS.The system supports MPEG-2/4 ,H.264,VC1 and WMV9 video playback. 

Toradex Xiilum PC Specifications
  • Powered with 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor
  • 1GB OR 2GB of RAM memory
  • Intergrated NVIDIA Tegra Graphics
  • MPEG-2/4 ,H.264,V

Android .VS. Windows Mobile 6.5

HTC have us a fine oppurtunity in selecting phone with the same specification, but different OS - HTC Tattoo with Android and HTC Touch 2 with Widows Mobile 6.5. There is no better ground for comparison than these two devices. Both smartphones are based on the same  platform, Qualcomm MSM7225 processor with 528 MHz of clock speed, intergrated with the amount of memory, air interfaces, cameras, and even an FM-tuner.
Interface for both devices is actually the same - it's HTC's Sense. However, the differences between  Android and Windows Mobile are uniquely great. The similarity, in fact, is only the main screen. In Windows Mobile Sense it is a set of windows which can be browsed through the horizontal swipes or using icon . The displayed applets can be customized; however we


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