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Do I Go '.com' or Do I Go '.in'?

                     The blissfully unrelated image to the top is meant to give you a vague idea of the "battle" between a .com domain & a .in domain. On the left, the evergreen, solid, fat guy who almost always wins. In this context, our '.com' domain. On the right, the underdog, one who will take a loss or two to make victory that much sweeter. And he is also our '.in' domain.
"A .com domain is what every commonsensical person would want".
Can we just nod our heads to this statement? Certainly, the Sumo wrestler's picture may make one feel so. But we should dig a little deeper and find the proverbial "catch". Let's get to business.
As far as ease of getting a domain goes, both our contenders are just the same. It's easy to get yourself a domain. But for pretty much the same reason blogs are popular, the .in domains have an edge. Let me explain. If you want to buy yourself a domain, sites like GoDaddy and NetworkSolutions come highly recommended. Now here is the gutshot: a basic .com domain costs 499 indian rupees (USD 10), which would seem cheap... until you hear what a .in domain costs: just 100 Rs. (USD 2). And if you want a premium name for your '.com' domain, here's some news: be prepared to shell out in excess of atleast 10,000 Rs. (approx 200 $), all the way upto around Rs. 2,58,000 (USD 5160) . Annually.

But .com domains are preferable for certain reasons too. They reach out to a much wider audience than any other kind of domain. And yes, there is that element of respect you earn from owning a dot com website. Needless to say, people on the internet trust .com sites much more than they do others because of this 'respectability' that comes with owning such a domain.

But Money Matters. And that is precisely why you are reading this on a blog!  


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