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Tutorial: How To Overclock Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 1GB

Before We Start

Before we start the overclocking process, first we need to check whether the PC is running smoothly. Use GPU-Z to monitor the temperature and frequencies of your card. After that you can run a software called stress-test. If your graphics card’s frequencies go down or any temperature exceeds more than 70 degrees either the cooler isn’t attached properly or there may be more serious issues.
Next you should download the latest driver from NVIDIA’s website and install it. If u want u can back up your data before overclocking, but I recommend that u should back up the data.

Actually What Is Overclocking ?

GPUs are very complicated processors, and as such, AMD and NVIDIA have to set a conservative default frequency in order to produce sufficient quantities to meet the demand of hit price points. This means that there is a hidden strength which can be unlocked.

Graphics cards are standalone units, so increasing the frequency of the GPU or graphics memory won’t cause any damage or anything to other PC components.

Steps To Overclock

Open MSI’s Afterburner, this is an overclocking software. Move the ‘Core Clock’ slider to the right so that the frequency reads 930 MHz. Then go to ‘Memory Clock’ and move the slider to the right so tat the frequency reads 2,075MHz. Next, click the small ‘Apply overclocking at system startup’ button at the bottom of the windows, don’t click the main apply button, before that you should open the Unigene Heaven benchmark, set the AA level to 4x and run it for at least 4 hours to ensure that your oveclock is stable.

Enjoy !!!! 


I'm trying the settings you explained but Heaven keep freezing and I'm getting a popup saying my driver has failed and recovered successfully

Me too,someone now why? the temperature is ok

most idiot tutorial blog i ever seen

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