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Android 4.0.4 Now For Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S Download and How To Install

Now google has offered its latest version of Android, The Android 4.0.4 aka Ice Cream Sandwich to the UMTS/GSM Nexus S and HSPA+ version of Galaxy Nexus

The people using it says that this is a marvellous and must have Android update.

The update offers the user fast and improved camera behaviour. Smoother rotation of the screen and improved stability. The guys at at electronista stated that they have already received the update, some other website guys offers a manually updating method on the Nexus S. But for this method you would certainly require a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S running on Android 4.0.3 . But unfortunately we really don't have any idea when the update will be available for Verizon Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus S 4G, but don't worry folks the update will be available to you sooner or later

Well you can download the software HERE , all you have to do is to copy this .zip file to your SD card and paste it to the root of the storage on Nexus S. Switch off the phone and switch it on by pressing the volume up key and power button together. Then you ll be directed to the boot loader, select recovery and hit the Power button. After that Your phone will display a warning triangle on the screen all you gotta do is hold the power button and press volume up. Then select "Apply update from/ SD card"  then select the .zip file then select "reboot system now". VoilĂ  now your done.

Changes Seen After The Update:

  • Visibly faster
  • The time taken to load between selecting and loading of the menu items are very small
  • The camera from lock screen loads up much faster than before
  • Rotation to is impressively fast and smooth
  • 3D apps load faster
  • Best update from Google till date
  • Feels like a finished, polished and more stable of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Good Part:
  1. Animations are faster and smooth
  2. Whole User Interface is noticeably smoother

The Bad Part:

  1. Old Ginger Bread sounds
  2. Launcher still takes time 
  3. Although the Kernel is updated but its still old

Well that's all i can give you. From this review am quite sure that this update is a must have. So don't miss it go get the update ASAP.


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