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Photography With a Cheap Camera

Canon Powershot A590 IS
           Have you, like me, got an old digital camera, one you bought in 2008 and never got around to replacing? Wait! Before you go ahead and replace it for a so called "improved" model (and get ripped off in the process), make sure you already have made the most use of it. How? Let's See...
         If you got your camera sometime after 2007, it surely has many different modes you never bothered to play around with. Heard of the 'Program' mode? If it's a no, then you probably haven't heard of Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, and whatnot! It is very easy to understand that even a cheap camera can do much more than monotonous pointing and shooting (no pun intended!). For example, have you ever wondered how you can get your shots to have blurred backgrounds? No, you don't need any SLR or costly equipment. Just find if your camera supports a mode called 'macro' and explore it. With my 2008 Canon PowerShot A590 IS, I am able to do macro photography, light photography, and I am currently trying out the Aperture priority mode. All this from a camera I was close to rubbishing just a few months ago.

I will post some tutorials over the next few days about how you can make the most out of your old camera. 


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