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How to know which topics are searched more(popular keywords)

For the past few days i myself was struggling hard to get an answer to this. But when i found some answer i thought that i will share my findings through here. Its quite a mysterious process to know what the people search daily and which are popular and which are not. But to help bloggers like us the major search engines have provided a glimpse into the web query stream to discover the most popular keywords searched in that search engine


  • AOL HOT SEARCHES: Top queries, see the top keywords searched in the last hour or last day within particular categories
  • Google Trends: Trends shows you the top searched keywords searched in google. we can filter the search to cities, time, language, year. Google Trends enables us to search for multiple terms as well
  • Google Zeitgeist: What people searches in google and its associated specialty serviced in various categories
  • Lycos 50: Each and every week it shows its top searches at Lycos
  • Yahoo! Buzz Index: Buzz shows you the top 10 searched keywords in a day. It will also show you the top searches from a specific group

Well folks this is all what I've found. But I assure you that this is just beating over the bushes and there are many other sites and tools which can gice u the most searchd terms 

I assure you that these are the only sites and tool in internet which is WORTH. Hope i helped you guys to some extend. If u have the name of any other sites or free tools please comment below. We would love to hear from you. Thank You


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