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Samsung Trademarks 3 New Galaxy Phones, Namely Premiere, Grand and Next

Samsung has trademarked 3 new series of Galaxy smart phones, Samsung had also trademarked some new other phones earlier this month. The new Galaxy series phones would be namely Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Next. Will any of these be the Samsung Galaxy S III ?. Well u may know how the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II have different names in different countries.

Do you remember that a smart phone by the name Galaxy Next was launched last year? Its was a very low end phone.  So either this would be a mistake or this name is meant for some other gadgets from samsung, perhaps, a smart tablet like the Galaxy Note 2 or something.

Now we are left with Galaxy Premiere and Galaxy Grand. While thinking about this new Samsung smart phones the specs which comes to my mind is a quad-core, 12MP camera and an HD display.

Will we be lucky to see the Samsung Galaxy S III within any of these new upcoming phones? Who knows the only answer to that i can give is just to wait and see.


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