Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

The new Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti does’nt stay far from its older brothers, GTX 580 and 570. The GF114 core is a reworking of the GF110 and its changes echo those made to last year’s GTX 460...

The Samsung Galaxy Y

The Samsung Galaxy Y is can safely be described as the poor man's android handset...


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assassins creed 3

Assassin's Creed 3

A lot of hype now revolves around Assassin's Creed III. This is a short summary of what there is to know, and what we can infer from i...

LG Optimus LTE P936 previewed before announcement

What we have here is yet another member of LG's ever-expanding Optimus LTE family’it has some rather smoking hot features like the 720p AH-IPS LCD display. A snapdragon chipset featuring 1.5Ghz dual-core CPU inside and a 1080p video-capable camera at the back.

Ways To Know Popular Keywords

the major search engines have provided’ a glimpse into the web query stream to discover the most popular keywords searched in that search engine


Angry Birds is now officialy outta this world!! Yeah, baby’the addictive game by Rovio Mobile reached a new milestone with the release of Angry Birds Space. Read all about it here.

What Are Torrentz?

Torrents are a way of sharing files via the internet in such a way that many people who have different parts of a file.... ’


I just witnesses a leaked picture of the Nokia Lumia 719c, another windows os device from Nokia. Saw this pic on a Chinese micro blogging platform. If my calculations are correct then this device is a CDMA version of the Nokia Lumia 710, ’


Some days back Samsung announced on its Twitter and Facebook pages the arrival of Android 4.0 aka icecream sandwich as an update for Samsung Galaxy S II.’


Now iPad and iPad 2 is just a second choice for everyone. There is no doubt that the new Apple iPad will take control of the market.’


LG Lucid 4G a brand new handset just had its specs leaked. This phone is also called Cayman and it comes with Gingerbread with a 4" NOVA IPS LCD screen with Gorilla Glass protection. It has 480x800 pixel resolution.’


Have you ever wondered how to measure the speed of your internet broadband? If yes then Im here with an answer to that question of yours. Well everone likes to know how much their Internet Speed is, some people look at it just for while others measure their speed for some other purposes. Whatever your purpose is you can measure your Internet Broadband Speed via this website :’


Well every single human beings are curious people. When u see a missed call on your phone from an unknown number. all of us people will have an urge to find who it is right?. Well Reverse Phone Number Look up is just for those people.’


Don't just underestimate these cases they can do a lot more than providing protection to your Apple iPad. When it is folded in a specific way this case can act as a stand which can help supporting your iPad to stand at various angles for typing, gaming, watching videos and for reading E-books. ’


The update offers the user fast and improved camera behaviour. Smoother rotation of the screen and improved stability. ’The people using it says that this is a marvellous and must have Android update.


If you are a Nokia freak then you must have heard of NokiaPort. If not well thats no big deal. The guys at the Nokia port found a fresh new Nokia smartphone design. This design patent may take you back to the desing og Nokia C5-03 because of its strip design and buttons under the display.’


Samsung has trademarked 3 new series of Galaxy smart phones, Samsung had also trademarked some new other phones earlier this month. The new Galaxy series phones would be namely Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Next’


The thinnest HTC phone yet, the HTC One S might hit the stores on April 22nd, that surely means the Sunday after Easter. You can own your HTC One S on T-Mobile’


This HTC smart phone comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash and it also enables us to take pictures while taking videos. For full camera experience the phone comes with video stabilisation. The phone has a 16GB internal storage, Wi-Fi support, micro USB 2.0, Beats audio, gyroscope and many more interesting specs’

LG Optimus LTE P936 previewed before announcement

Nokia has updated its Map app. Now this shows real-time traffic update. But unfortunately now this app is only enjoyed by the Nokia Smartphone users in Mumbai and Delhi. But Nokia has promised that they will extend this service to other cities. So not to worry Nokia freaks u will get it sooner or later’


Nokia really released some good and useful apps such as Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport , Nokia Maps, Nokia Music etc. Now Nokia is having another super cool idea. Nokia is planning to release a TV app, obviously names Nokia Tv app for Lumia Windows phone devices’


Sony relieved its fans by announcing about the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update on December last year. But unfortunately Sony smart phone owners would have to late a bit more to get the update as the company announced that the Xperia Arc S, Nevo V and Ray updates are pushed back to mid-April’


The iPhone 6 uses a 3D Surround Sound and 3D hologram technology,on top of a 4.3inch Super AMOLED display. This iPhone 6 is just roughly 8.5mm thick. This uses a 3D TouchWiz UX. This is something which Samsung wont surely agree to. Other specs are, a dual-core processor and a very good camera, perhaps a 3D one.’


Prepare to get surprised. Well at least act that you are surprised. The Nokia's design chief Marko Ahtisaari confirmed that Nokia is currently working on developing a tablet . The chief designer also told that he has dedicated most of his working time in this project in order to make the device stand out in the crowd.’


HTC warmed the hearts of its fans by confirming the launch date of HTC One Series smart phones, namely the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. These HTC phones will hit the markets on this Monday, April 2nd. Sources say that the phone may only hit the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.’

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First Intel Smartphone Coming This Week

If what the CEO of Intel Paul Ottelini is correct. Then the first Intel smart phone, will be launched this week itself. I guess you guys may know that there was an Intel-based phone at the CES 2012. Then its time to see the Lenovo K800 to be hit  the markets. So putting all these chances together then i guess, the CEO of Intel told about the Lenovo K800.

Guys, if you are expecting much by hearing about an 'Intel' smart phone, then i guess you would be really disappointed. The phone comes with an 1.4Ghz Intel Atom processor and it runs on Android 4.0 OS. 

The device also has a 3.5"-3.7" display and comes with an 8MP camera. The people who the people who saw the phone in action were totally disappointed. The only best thing i see is that, this phone is light compared to other modern smart phone. No info about the pricing so far.
This isn't the REAL INTEL PHONE we expected right? Hm lets wait Intel is new to smart phone right?, Guess they will make it up. What we gotta do is just Wait.

The Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S
Hmmm... It is "back to basics" for Sony, with the Sony Tablet S. By basics, I mean Walkman, PlayStation, Bravia, you name it; it's gotta be there! Read on about this monster product!

Unlike it's cousin, the Sony Tab P, this is a single screen Android 3.2 operated piece of equipment. The form factor seems good, and if the PlayStation gaming has a good control system, then this is surely going to be a winner product. Because it's an Android tab, there are extra benefits which can be associated with it.

Wait and see, it seems to be the only thing we can do nowadays!

Samsung I9300 is 'NOT' the Samsung Galaxy S III

I recently got an info that Samsung i9300 is NOT the  Samsung Galaxy S III .  The rumours were, the i9300 unit from Samsung is the new  Samsung Galaxy S III . But sorry to inform you that that's totally not right. Recently we gave a gossip regarding the  Samsung Galaxy S III , which we actually thought that this i9300 was really  Samsung Galaxy S III. Sorry for that too. But news from some resourceful and trusty sites clearly told that the i9300 and SGS III, are 2 new units from Samsung. 
courtesy: phonearena.com

But not to worry the Samsung i9300 is a superb smart phone if the specs given here are true. It has a 4-inch 720p AMOLED display. This device has a dual-core 1.4Ghz processor and Mali 400MP GPU. This device comes with 1GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. From these specs we can clearly say that this brings somewhat more than the Galaxy S II. 


Sony Xperia S Unboxing and Small Preview

Hello, tech freaks. I'm here with Xperia S here. I will be giving you guys a short preview of The Sony Ericsson Xperia S smart phone. This smart phone device was announced at the CES 2012, and now this sony smart phone is now considered the most appealing Sony phone now. Lets take a closer look at the Sony Ericsson Xperia S and find out what it's all about.

This Sony device comes in a white box, which is very wide too. Inside it we can find the handset in a protective plastic covering, Micro USB cable, headsets, manual and a set of Xperia Smart Tags. For all those who doesn't know what an Xperia Smart Tag is, its something we attach in our office or car or any place you feel like placing it and just wave Xperia S over the smart tag and then the smart phone will go silent and adapt to the situation. You can place a smart tag on in your car's dashboard and wave Xperia S over it, thus making it the GPS and Voice Command features.

This Sony device is available in black and white. It has a 4.3" 720p screen with Bravia Technology. Runs on 2.3 Android Gingerbread. It kinda looks thin and light, but its comparatively heavier than it looks. This Sony smart phone weighs 144grams . Android 4.0 ICS updates are coming soon for this device, so on the box its mentioned Android 4.0 ICS.


Well this is the maximum info i can give you about this wonderful smart phone. I will be back with its full specs and review later. Until then bye.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3
Samsung is "rumoured" to have announced the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3, for release later this year or in early 2013. Let's take a look at it's headlines.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S II, this phone has a few nifty upgrades. It supports 4G  (LTE 700) networks, and has a 4.7" screen, which is an improvement to the S II's 4.3" screen. Additionally, the S3 will feature Bluetooth 4.0.  The Galaxy S3 has a 12MP primary camera, which, again, is better than the S2's, which is of 8MP. But the secondary camera has been stripped down from 2MP in the S2 to 1.3MP in the S3; ewww, ugly!

But now come those lil' things that are really gonna make the difference: the OS, and the CPU. The Galaxy S3 will feature Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and runs on a.... wait for it... Quad Core, 1.5 GHz CPU! Outrageous isn't it!

No mention has been made yet of it's pricing and such, but we can look forward to an attractive price tag which will sure convince a lot of people to invest in a Galaxy S3!

Samsung LED D8000 Smart TV

It seems that sleep escapes the major technology giants unless they introduce us to outrageous new gadgets every once in a while. And this must have been the reason behind Samsung's crazy new Smart TV, the LED D8000. Here's a low-down of it's features: belonging to the Samsung series 8 LED TV's, this thing sports a huge 60" monitor. As mentioned, it is a Smart TV; connect it to your broadband internet, and watch the magic! Additionally, it has an awesome contrast engine and yes, a HyperReal 3D Engine!! It goes without saying that the native resolution is 1920x1080. And as far as the audio side of things go, this baby is gonna cry all day and you are gonna like it! With SRS TheatreSound HD, and Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse, all your needs for sound perfection have been taken care of. 

And yes... here's the cruncher: 4,00,000. Yes, 4 lakhs (in rupees) is all that's separating you and a living room par perfection! Start saving, and keep praying! 

(More info at: this site.)