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Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch

The latest Intel Core i7 with Sandy Bridge architecture combined with ATI Raedon HD 6750. This makes 17-inch MacBook Pro to truly work like a pro as the name suggests it. This laptop will work normally if u pile up tabs or videos, Because a quad-core processor along with  4GB of RAM and MacBook gives a lot of space for multitasking. This makes multitasking faster and simple. It also comes with a bright 17-inch wide screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution which is great
 for graphics work.
MacBook Pro Unboxing:

Despite all this The new MacBook Pro comes with AMD'S Radeon HD 6750 . With this super cool graphics card and 4GB of ram this PC can bring gaming experience to life. This graphics chip also saves power when not lifting. The Raedon Hd 6750 also makes this PC to run without any black screen or hiccups.

There is nothing given  detailed in the internet about this wonderful Laptop. Well it is sure that the cost of this device is not gonna be a happy news to all those people who are looking up for the new MacBook to release.  It is said that it may cost more tha $2,799. So I think its better to leave this PC as a dream than buying this unaffordable device.  


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