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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Released !!

Microsoft on March 15 released the Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, containing updates for the past 10 months(approx). Those with genuine windows and having Windows Update one would already have known about it.

Immediately Noticed Changes

  • My PC is now a LOT smoother and rarely crashes on FULL LOAD.
  • Google Chrome finally works after not doing so for the past 6-7 months
  • A few incompatible software now works efficiently

  • Of course Microsoft has bundled the genuine checker with the Service Pack, but considering the utility of the update, THATS ONLY FAIR.
  • For some reason a window pops out of after the update and claims that my PC was "Successfully installed with Windows 8 SP1
  • After around 3 hours of my PC usage an error message showing Windows not genuine pop up, WELL THIS IS REALLY REALLY STRANGE
  • A 21 day expiry limit is also slapped for some PC's
Rating: 8.5/10  (a very good and useful update)


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