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AMD Processor On Bulldozer Core To Be Released In June

The first AMD processor of the coming generations has emerged. They did a first attepmt to combine CPU and GPU, this came out to be quite a success, as told by the PC makers. In the second quarter of the year models with higher performances are expected to be launched based on Bulldozer core. The bulldozer core based AMD Processor will be available from june onwards.  Procesors with DDR3 controller, but without GPU will be released with 32-na
nometer technology. It will be promoted under the name FX.

The first wave will include eight models, four of them with eight core series (FX8000) and 16MB cache, two with sic cores (FX6000) and the other two with four core (FX4000). More details are not available on them yet.

This new 8 core processor is capable of overshadowing the powerful processors like intel core i7 and the phenom II X6. The new 8core processor out performs these intel processors very easily.


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