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IDAPT i4 The Universal Charger

The IDAPT i4 is a universal charger that can accommodate up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously. This is useful if you own multiple gadgets and forever misplacing their chargers.
It’s said to be compatible with more than 4,000 devices, including iphone, ipad, blackberry handsets, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, satnavs, cameras and Bluetooth products.
It features three charging points that use a simple, customizable and interchangeable tip system. Its neater solutions than the usual tangled jumble of cables hanging out of your power sockets.
The IDAPT i4 looks good in its own right, smart and glossy like the gadget themselves. It’s available in 11 colors too,
The problem with such and inclusive product is that in hitting so many bases it specializes in none. It’s unlikely that you will own an iPhone as well as Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
My family owns two iPhones, two iPods and and iPad plus a couple of canon cameras that require proprietary charges. The IDAPT could charge just 2 of our devices at a time
– one via the ipod/ipad charging tip and one using the USB port
Six tips are include, covering Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPod/iPhone, mini USB and micro USB. Extra tips cost £4.99. In our case that would be adding £10 to the price, and throwing the supplied Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson tips in a dusty drawer
We may not be alone in this Apple-only gadget situation and it would make sense for IDAPT to make an Apple-specific version, with three iPod/ipad charging connectors.
Usefully, though you can choose a custom pack of four tips which can all be Apple-specific if u wish (There’s even an Ipod Shuffle tip available to choose from).
Without this option the IDAPT i4 may be too universal for its own good unless your house is stuffed with various brands’ gadgets.

Available in a range of colors, the smart-looking IDAP i4 is a neat solution to the increasingly messy mobile-device charging jumble of cables. Go for the custom four-tip configuration to ensure you have all the correct charging options for your device.


Different manufacturers use different plug designs for their hardware, making the use of universal chargers somewhat difficult. Many universal kits feature replaceable plugs, allowing you to connect the proper tip for your laptop.

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