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The Best 10 Apps For Google Android 3.0 Aka Honeycomb

  1. Google Earth For Honeycomb

This is the best app for android 3.0. This amazing app lets you fly anywhere in the world, provides 3D views of major metropolitan buildings, and you will feeli like you are really swooping over 3d buldings and terrains

  1.  Fuze Meeting

This is an awesome software which offers multi-party video conferencing and collaborative meeting software on Honeycomb. This is a pretty smooth softw

  1. Intuit Gopayment

This is a new app for Android 3.0  tablet PC’s which is used to read credit cards and take payments.

  1. Weatherbug

This is weather app. The sliding weather panel and the temperature heat map makes good use of  the big screen

  1. Great Battles Medieval

The Great Medieval had the great sweep among the games in Google booth. Using the tablets big screen to show a battlefield full of enemies in a way that just wolud’nt work on a phone.

  1. Logmein

This is a virtual desktop app that can show whats happening on your computer at work

  1. Quickoffice

QuickOffice is bringing Microsoft Office compatible apps to honeycomb.

  1. CNN

CNN’s Honeycomb app turns the venerable news Web site into a virtual magazine .

  1. YouTube

Youtube looks cooler than ever in HoneyComb. With the added creen real estate, you can watch a video and search for the next one to watch at the same time
  1. Pulse News

Pulse news uses a big HoneyComb screen RSS reading a more visual experience


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