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A Fast Browser, Which Is Pretty Much Tough To Beat..Google Chrome 10.0

The latest release of chrome appears less than a month after the launch of its predecessor . and its JavaScript performances have once again leapfrogged ahead of the competition.
The setting interface has been once again modified, and the security has been enhanced by placing the include flash player in a secure “sandbox”. Chrome’s smashing minimalist application window continues to let the webpages shine unimpeede, which has influenced the design of all those competitors.

Chrome instant is one of the niftiest things to be added to Chrome in a while. Start typing a web address and before your finished a page from your history or from any search engine results is displayed below in the main browser window. If I type ‘goo’ for google then google is already loaded. This was first made for google search’s instant feature. But it is more useful in browsers than in search engines. Some websites which we have visted before-are ready to go before you even finish typing
the full address. This is comes more handy

Chrome’s Lightning-Speed, extension capabilities, awesome tab functionality feature, built in flash and PDF Reader make it a must have software for those who need friendly, fast and useful browser. And because of these ultra smart feature Chrome remains a fast and fluid tough to beat browser

  • Ultra-Fast JavaScript performance.
  • Instant site prediction
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent tab implementation
  • Extensions for customization
  • Strong support for HTML 5.
  • Built in Flash Player and PDF Reader.

  • Paranoids will not want to give Google another way to collect data about them


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