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First Intel Smartphone Coming This Week

If what the CEO of Intel Paul Ottelini is correct. Then the first Intel smart phone, will be launched this week itself. I guess you guys may know that there was an Intel-based phone at the CES 2012. Then its time to see the Lenovo K800 to be hit  the markets. So putting all these chances together then i guess, the CEO of Intel told about the Lenovo K800.

Guys, if you are expecting much by hearing about an 'Intel' smart phone, then i guess you would be really disappointed. The phone comes with an 1.4Ghz Intel Atom processor and it runs on Android 4.0 OS. 

The device also has a 3.5"-3.7" display and comes with an 8MP camera. The people who the people who saw the phone in action were totally disappointed. The only best thing i see is that, this phone is light compared to other modern smart phone. No info about the pricing so far.
This isn't the REAL INTEL PHONE we expected right? Hm lets wait Intel is new to smart phone right?, Guess they will make it up. What we gotta do is just Wait.


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