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Get Free Recharges Online Via Embeepay (complete guide)

Hey guys once again I am here to give make you notice something worth, well we all know that the Internet is something which most of us wont understand and there are a lot of things which are useful and total crap in it. But I am now here to share with you something i found to be real.

Everyone likes to get a free recharge to their phone isn't it?. Well that's right I am here with a way which you can recharge your phone for FREE. yep dudes u heard me right i mentioned the word FREE. now many questions may peep in asking me 'Is this real?' 'Its fake isn't it?', to all those questions I have only one and only one answer with me which will clear all your doubt. I am using this for past one month and have got at least 5 RECHARGES TILL NOW!!! . Well that ought to do it.

The 'thing' I am talking here is not about a website. 'Then what?' everyone is impatient eh? okay am not gonna keep you waiting. Well I am talking about a facebook app here. Known as Embeepay its from Embee mobiles. Most of the people reading here are on facebook aren't they. Yes you are. So when not make use of the time you spend in FB for comments and likes. Make it worth like me. ;).

Once more I am telling you that this aint a crap. If it was i wouldn't have bothered to write so much about a scam.

Back to the topic. As i said earlier this is purely an FB app and is not a website. I am not gonna leave any links here because even if I leave any it would be my referral so most of you will feel reluctant to click that link so I myself thought not to do so. Sign in to FB. and on the search bar type Embeepay and a drop down results will appear among them select the app and register.

It would be cool if you like the page too as you will be subscribed to that page which will keep you updated. It will also publish some bonus offers too.

Click the app and register with YOUR OWN phone number. Then start earning Embee points which are must needed to get our recharge. When we attain a certain amount of Embee points we will be able to recharge our phone for a specific amount of money. There its as simple as that.

After registering many of you may think that we should waste our hard earned embee points to gain some premier membership. Well guys that's totally wrong. Premier membership is only required for the low amount recharge all the recharges above it are available to club(standard) members. So it would be better if you recharge your phone twice in a period of 60days, which will automatically make you a Premier Member + You will be credited with 100Embee points. Seems to be a better option isn't it? ya that is better.

To earn more and fast embee points its better to refer your friends to Embee pay. If you refer 5 of your friends to embee pay you will earn 300embee points. That is a lot of points. Its better than registering in some crap websites which will do you no good.

There are also websites which will offer you free recharges such as :
but the method here is different. They will provide you with an advertisement in which we share to friends and make them enter it so that we will get paid like a little amount of money.

But if you ask me Embee is way cooler than Way2SMS.

NOTE: there are some websites which will guarantee that you will get recharged for too much amount of money IF we share to friends and do whatever they say. Look friends such type of websites or blogs are pure scams. They wont do you any good than waste you time. Ive been looking for free recharge sites and Ive only found these 2 websites trust worthy other are pure crap. So keep this in mind. There is also a blog which will tell you that Its an Embee point generator that's another trash!. so don't waste your time.

If you spend your 1 hour in Embee pay you will be able to do at least 2 recharges a month. Better something than nothing right? so don't waste your time go register in Embee pay now.

Hope this helps. I will be back again with another topic until then bye.


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