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Samsung LED D8000 Smart TV

It seems that sleep escapes the major technology giants unless they introduce us to outrageous new gadgets every once in a while. And this must have been the reason behind Samsung's crazy new Smart TV, the LED D8000. Here's a low-down of it's features: belonging to the Samsung series 8 LED TV's, this thing sports a huge 60" monitor. As mentioned, it is a Smart TV; connect it to your broadband internet, and watch the magic! Additionally, it has an awesome contrast engine and yes, a HyperReal 3D Engine!! It goes without saying that the native resolution is 1920x1080. And as far as the audio side of things go, this baby is gonna cry all day and you are gonna like it! With SRS TheatreSound HD, and Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse, all your needs for sound perfection have been taken care of. 

And yes... here's the cruncher: 4,00,000. Yes, 4 lakhs (in rupees) is all that's separating you and a living room par perfection! Start saving, and keep praying! 

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I have been looking for a TV to replace the one that I gave to my parents, and I’m considering a Samsung D8000. I know it is expensive, but it is so slim and beautiful! I was able to encourage my mom and dad to get free HD added to their DISH account since they have an HDTV now. I also have HD through DISH where I work, and it looked well defined on my TV. I really wanted a new TV, so I let them have it while I looked around. They are pretty happy with their HD, and once I get one of these, I think I will appreciate it more. Samsung did such a fine job with this TV, and I have to get one soon before football season starts!

Nyc man! Hope u likd it!.. Samsung is the best ever nwadays!

@Damon: it's future ready too... the D8000 is gonna be a worthwhile investment... and if at some point in the future, HD becomes standard and 3D becomes "new"... you still have a very compatible TV! so the price is justifiable..! get one if you can! cheers!

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